Your own FREE personalized, cross-promotional, social media marketing strategy :: a few simple steps

There are a lot of companies out there trying to sell people, organizations and communities online marketing services they don’t need with money they don’t have. My suggestion is: Don’t be fooled! There are so many free tools out there, and if you know how to utilize them correctly, you will have your very own online marketing strategy for free. It’s simple really.

Think cross-promotion and building credibility!

I have worked diligently to formulate a total online cross-promotional, social media marketing strategy that can really work. This strategy is a culmination of years of marketing, social media, software tools and psychology expertise and knowledge to filter out the very best process possible. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Set up as many relevant social media tools as necessary and brand with a consistent URL (;; etc. REMEMBER: Not every tool will make sense for you. Focus on the specific tools that will work best with your target demographic and your specific needs.

2. Create a WordPress blog. I suggest a self-hosted blog as it is much more powerful, produces better SEO results and easily customizable design template etc. But you can also create a account for free and use that.

3. Create a account; link 5 (you can do more if you pay a fee) of your social accounts; Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, WordPress, Foursquare, LinkedIn

4. If you have FireFox, install Hootbar (if you have an Android phone you can scan the QR code on the site to easily install this on your phone as well). With Hootbar, you can now push and schedule content to push to all five of these social networks with little work on your part.

5. Set up Google alerts and have them delivered to your e-mail. Create a and publicize it via your cross-promotional channels.

6. Create a 24/7 Press Release account and you can push out as many as 1 press release per day for free, with the potential to be picked up by known venues. Also re-post your press releases to your blog, changing the title slightly so your pr is not scraped.

7. Utilize the full power of LinkedIn. Pump up your company page with sliding photos and request recommendations from industry pros. Join as many relevant LI groups as you can and post solicited advice and comments where possible. Create LI events and invite others to join. Also, link your profile to TripIt and begin building your professional travel itinerary history.

8. Push out community events, stories, news etc through your channels; basically everything you post on your Web site can be re-posted through your social media channels.

9. Use e-mail marketing to promote news and happenings and then re-post via your channels. I suggest MailChimp as it is free and easy to use.

10. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Get to know and create a QR code. Install social media apps on your mobile device and use them diligently to connect with other professionals in person, check-in to industry events, professional meetings, or anywhere else you happen to be. You never know what kind of connections you may make this way.

11. Read “Now Revolution” by Jay Baer. (in your free time!)

12. Begin using Nixle. It’s not just for police and community responders. It’s a great way to engage and inform your community.

13. Create your digital business card. Have a QR code printed on your business card. You can even track the QR code to find out when your card is scanned. Point the code to a Web page that contains your contact information and is easy to update.

14. Get your business found on Google via Google Places. Also don’t forget to look into Google+, the new, interactive social platform.

15. Get listed! Don’t forget to get listed on and as well as, the only mobile directory for economic development.

Obviously, there is so much more, and I suggest training on each individual tool so that you are able to fully realize the potential of your personalized cross-promotion strategy.

There are, of course, certain questions that may help your specific situation, related to desired industries, site selectors, type of communication etc. (typical branding questions). For instance, with Twitter, there are targeted things you can do to grow your reach if you know your specific target demographic. You can also use Twitter as a customer service platform. Also consider creating an auto-generated response promoting other channels.

Here is what I would suggest you do first: Set up Hootsuite and Hootbar and give it a try. If you have questions, write them down. When you have your questions on paper either Google the answer or contact me. I can show you some of the tools more in-depth, pinpointing the best of each tool maximized for your specific needs.

You can reach me at if you have questions or you would like training on specific tools. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn at



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