Genuine Music and Brand Strategy

You have to admit, the quality of American music has declined significantly over the last 10 years. For all of us old enough to remember the Milli Vanilli scandal, “What the Heck”??? It seems lip syncing has gone from scandalous to commonplace.

Then suddenly, Pomplamoose emerges. What is Pomplamoose? It’s the delightful duo of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte. Aside from the chemistry of this real-life couple, the brilliance of Dawn’s voice and mannerisms, combined with Conte’s unorthodox musical arrangements makes Pomplamoose the most original musical ensemble we have seen in decades. According to Wikipedia, Pomplamoose is a combo of American indie music and indie jazz, but that description does not do this team justice. The sound can only be described as heavenly.

Hyundai thinks so too. The underdog automaker recently launched a television campaign featuring the duo in their most appealing light. Will it sell cars? You bet it will. Why? Because Pomplamoose has a huge following; and not just underground. The same demographic that follows the duo will want in on the fun.

Kudos to Hyundai for recognizing the Blue quality of Pomplamoose and capitalizing on it. And seriously, if you haven’t had the fortune of experiencing Pomplamoose, please check them out on Interactive Mary’s YouTube channel or at PomplamooseMusic. We love Pomplamoose!

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